How to Store Furniture when Moving

Storing furniture when moving

Sometimes moving plans can include a trip to temporary or long-term storage. This step can result in extra handling of your furniture, which means it’s extremely important your furniture is correctly prepped for moving and storage. In this article, we will explain how to ensure the safety of your furniture as it transitions in and […]

Tips for Organizing Your Small Apartment

how to organize your small apartment

Living in a small apartment doesn’t mean the organization has to take a back seat. However, it does require a little bit of creative thinking. That’s where these five basic tips will help you go from terrifying to tidy:

How to Store Christmas Decorations – Ornaments Storage & More

how to store Christmas decorations

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – one that calls for lavish amounts of decorations! And, with those decorations comes the need to figure out how to store Christmas decorations once they have succeeded in adding Christmas cheer to your home. Let’s face it, Christmas decorations are more fun to put up than they are […]

Tips for Downsizing Your Home

moving company to smaller house

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Helpful Tips for Moving into a Smaller Space

Moving into a smaller space certainly has it’s benefits–it’s easier to maintain and is often less costly. However, what presents a challenge for most people is downsizing their belongings to fit into their new home. Here at Dependable Relo, we have a lot of experience helping people move, so we’ve picked up time-saving ideas. We’re […]