The safety of our team, the traveling public, our customer’s families and the goods they entrust to us is our company’s top concern. That is why Dependable Relo invests in intense background checks, continual training, and the newest technology.

When choosing a mover, you should make sure they are registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration as well as being registered with the state. This will ensure that the company has met the necessary insurance and regulatory regulations and is not a rogue mover. If you do find yourself at the mercy of a disreputable mover, contact MoveRescue. MoveRescue is the first industry-endorsed consumer assistance service aimed at stopping disreputable and dishonest interstate movers. They can be contacted at 800-832-1773 or via the web at

The safety and well being of you and your goods should be the top concern of all relocation professionals. Dependable Relo runs intensive background checks and pre employment drug screens on all potential employees before they become part of the Dependable Relo Team. Texas law requires all delivery companies to perform background checks. Ask your potential mover how they conduct their background checks and what their hiring criteria is before you allow them into your home.

In addition to valuing your safety, we respect the safety well-being of our team members. All movers are bound to hours of service regulations put forth by the federal government. One of these regulations limits both the work day and the driving hours for the drivers. Dependable Relo strives to adhere to all these regulations when scheduling relocations with our customers. We recently began testing of new (ELD) electronic logging devices in conjunction with UniGroup safety. We feel that these devices will help us achieve our goal of zero violations to these hours of service regulations.

At Dependable Relo, keeping our customers and their belongings safe during their move is a main priority. We want to ensure that your relocation goes as smoothly as possible for you. Contact Dependable Relo today for assistance on an upcoming residential, commercial, or industrial move.

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