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Are you considering moving out of state? Moving is a big decision. Uprooting and relocating to a different part of the country amplifies that decision and requires careful thought and planning. While moving out of state can seem daunting, it can also bring new adventures for you and your family so we share the pros and cons of moving out of state to help you during the process.
cons of moving out of state

PROS of Moving Out of State

  1. Personal Growth – Moving to an unfamiliar place is a vulnerable, yet rewarding, act of personal growth. View this challenge as an opportunity to broaden your horizons and get to know yourself more deeply. Explore the city alone or take up a new hobby. You may find you are stronger than you think in navigating this big change.
  2. Career OpportunityMoving to another state may spark your interest in pursuing new professional career opportunities. The state may offer something exciting and different – something you never considered before. If you did not relocate for professional reasons, consider exploring new opportunities before settling into something familiar.
  3. New Friends and Colleagues – Although moving to an unfamiliar place might seem stressful at first, meeting new people could ease that burden. As you settle in, think about getting involved in groups or a local church. Step out of your comfort zone to meet people at local social events or the gym.
  4. A Chance to Start Over – The idea of a fresh start may be exciting for you – and for good reason! View your relocation to a new state as a chance to start over. You will get a new house, new friends, a new job and a new routine. Make the most of this time and set some personal goals!

cons of moving out of state

CONS of Moving Out of State

  1. Leaving Friends and Family – If you are moving to a new state, leaving friends and family will probably be the hardest pill to swallow. If you are used to having familiar faces nearby, it will take a while to get used to their absence. Think about whether you are going to be able to handle being far from loved ones.
  2. Moving is Expensive – Although you might want to move, it is a costly endeavor. Moving, especially across the country, can cost thousands of dollars. You may need to spend several months saving; but, if your heart is set on moving to another state, the expense may be well worth it.
  3. Uprooting Children – Children of all ages are typically embedded in their routines and may be hesitant about the idea of leaving their school and friends. If you decide to move to another state, you will need to consider the impact on your children. They could require additional support getting settled.
  4. Acclimation and Fitting In – Like your children, you also have a routine. You have a job, hobbies, friends and ties to your community. Relocating will mean starting over – it is more than just a new house and job. You may feel like a stranger visiting a new place until you establish a new routine. Finding a new doctor, hairstylist, favorite local restaurant and other go-to places will take time – and that can be tough.


Moving to another state is a big decision, with many pros and cons. Take your time in making this decision, and always do what is best for you and your family. Have questions about moving long distance? Contact us!

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