Correctly preparing your refrigerator for your move is important for the longevity of your appliance in your home. When the refrigerator is un-plugged, the cycling of air stops and the existing air inside becomes moist, creating an environment conducive to mold.

Failure to properly clean and prep your refrigerator may permanently ruin your appliance.

Proper Steps for Cleaning and Preparing Your Refrigerator

  1. Turn off the refrigerator 48 hours prior to move. Make sure the filter has been removed and secured for transit. This is normally a good time to purchase a replacement filter for destination to avoid mold or bacteria growth. If your refrigerator goes to storage, definitely replace the filter.
  2. Before you clean the refrigerator, remove all food and unplug the appliance. Use a towel to catch dripping water even with frost-free models.
  3. Remove the drawers and wash them. Use warm, mildly-soapy water to remove all food debris. DO NOT use hot water—this can crack cold plastic or glass.
  4. Wipe down and clean the refrigerator and freezer. Use a few teaspoons of baking soda per quart of water. DO NOT use ammonia, bleach or abrasive cleaning solutions. DRY THOROUGHLY after wiping down and cleaning.
  5. Leave the doors open to allow the appliance time to completely dry. We recommend doing this at least 24 hours prior to moving. Using a small fan will help expedite the process.
  6. Use an absorbent for preserving a dry environment. These methods include: securing a box of baking soda inside, placing a small brown paper bag inside that is securely closed with a few cups of unused coffee grounds, and hanging a nylon with unused coffee ground from a shelf. Make sure these items are secured and cannot spill.

Important Note If You Have a Water Dispenser Refrigerator Model

Allow a trained appliance company to:

If you intend to disconnect the water lines/service the icemaker yourself, be sure to follow the instruction provided by the manufacturer.

Click here to view a downloadable resource infographic.

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