Moving is never easy, but moving home after college can be especially stressful because you often have two rooms to consider — your dorm room and your bedroom back home.

Thankfully, we have a few ideas that will make your move much easier.

Make a checklist

Before you pack up any storage boxes, make a list, prioritizing tasks by date or importance. Don’t forget to include:

  • Donating or tossing out unnecessary items
  • Organizing items you wish to keep.
  • Storing items that you wish to keep nearby.
  • Researching moving companies you might use to make the job easier.
  • Purchasing items you need to help your move (e.g., storage boxes, tape, bubble wrap, etc.)
  • Confirming any small tasks you need to complete before you move, such as turning in your dorm keys, checking the dorm schedule for move out dates, etc.

Organize your dorm

The next step is to organize your dorm room. This makes the moving process much simpler for you and anyone you enlist to help.

As you tidy your belongings, keep a box handy for donations and a garbage bag nearby for cleanup.

Pack it all up

Call a college moving company to purchase boxes, tape and other necessities. As you’re packing, organize your boxes and bags so they’re easier to locate later.

Use a color-coded system to improve organization. For example, your clothes might go in a pink-labeled box and your toiletries in a blue one. You can use colored markers, masking tape or even different colored trash bags for your system.

Moving day

Moving day is easily the most exhausting part of the process, especially in this Texas heat. Create a timetable with a list of tasks to keep all your helpers on track. Otherwise, this can easily become a multi-day event if you fall behind schedule.

Moving out of a college dorm in Texas isn’t always a fun task, but these tips should make it much more bearable. Just stick to the plan, and you’ll be back home in no time.

If you want to greatly simplify the actual move, consider hiring college movers such as Dependable Relo. They’re much faster and more efficient than attempting to move yourself.

Contact Dependable Relo and Moving today and get back home stress free and safely.

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