Protecting your valuable items is as important to us as it is to you. In order to help with that process, we need you to tell us, in writing, about anything that we will be moving that is of high value, or in moving terms, extraordinary value.

Items of extraordinary value are defined as those items having a value greater than $100 per pound per article.

Examples of Items of Extraordinary Value

Because liability for your shipment is limited to the written declaration of value which you place on the Bill of Lading, you should include the value of all items, including all items of extraordinary value, in the total amount of released value which you declare for your goods.

If you plan to move items of extraordinary value you must complete and sign a High-Value Inventory form prior to your move.

Each item placed on a High-Value Inventory form, must be specifically detailed on the form and inspected by you and your driver prior to shipping and again on delivery day.

In the event of a claim, any settlement is limited to the valuation you declare for the entire shipment. If you fail to list all items of extraordinary value and/or fail to sign the High-Value Inventory form, liability for loss of or damage to those items will be limited to no more than $100 per pound per article, based upon the actual weight of the article. Please note, if any items of extraordinary value do become damaged, substantiation of value will be necessary (receipts, appraisals, etc.).

We also have a downloaded resource of this guide here.

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