When you move into a rental apartment, you’ll likely have to pay a security deposit to cover possible damage to the apartment. It’s important to start thinking about protecting your security deposit from the day you move into an apartment to save time and money when you decide to leave for a new home.

Here are some tips to help you get your security deposit returned after moving out.

Read your rental agreement

Take the time to read your rental agreement thoroughly and carefully. Once you sign it, the terms are legally binding. If there’s anything you’re unsure about, ask your landlord for clarification. Once you’ve signed the rental agreement, make a copy and store it in a safe place.

Take photographs before moving in and out

At the beginning of your tenancy, take photographs of each room within your apartment, clearly showing any existing damage or wear and tear. Make sure your photographs are taken in good lighting at a high resolution and contain a time and date stamp. Repeat the process before moving out.

Fill out an apartment rental inspection checklist

Your landlord may ask you to fill out an apartment rental inspection checklist on the day you move in. Use this checklist to create a record of every item in the apartment and the item’s state and condition. Once you’re satisfied with your completed checklist, ask your landlord to sign it and retain a copy for future reference. If you don’t receive a checklist, be sure to ask for one or create one yourself.

Report damages as they occur

Your rental agreement may require you to report damages as they occur. Failure to report damage may result in security deposit deductions. If you need to report damage, it’s best to report it in writing. Keep a record of all contact with your landlord so you can prove you reported the damage.

Maintain the apartment in good condition

You’ll need to leave the apartment and its contents in good condition at the end of your tenancy. This may require you to repair any minor damage you’ve caused and repair or replace any items damaged beyond fair wear and tear. You may also be required to deep clean the apartment prior to moving out.

Moving out of an apartment can be hard work, but getting a security deposit refund shouldn’t be. By following our simple tips, you can get your security deposit returned at the end of your tenancy.

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