#1 – Create a growth plan.

You need to know the trajectory of your company to get the best results for your commercial move. This means knowing how your new building will fit with the goals of the company. If your business is growing, you may need to over-prepare by getting a much larger space that you need at the time.

A growth plan can include:

  1. What is the target amount of employees we will have?
  2. Will we create new departments to take on new responsibilities while at this building?
  3. What is the technology forecast for the company?
  4. How will our infrastructure need to adapt to accommodate new equipment?
  5. Will we outgrow this building in a way that will cost us money?

#2- Create an office relocation timeline and goals template.

Set goals that your business can achieve with this move. Perhaps you want to find a location that is closer to clients . Maybe you’d like to find a larger space to support company growth. Communicate those goals to the team involved in planning your office move. If your team knows these goals, you will avoid any oversights that may hurt your company’s move.

#3- Don’t attempt your move alone; assemble the troops!

You need a move team that can handle different aspects of the move. For many teams, this is a good starting point for an internal team:


Employee mover that deals with individual requests


IT relocation expert that handles tech infrastructure during the move

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