It’s common to attempt to sell furniture and other household items before a move. It’s a great way to get extra cash to help with moving expenses, and it can help save on your overall move since pricing is often based on weight of the shipment. However, selling your furniture is not always easy. We’ve compiled some quick tips and insight into the best way to sell furniture when moving.

Buying New Furniture vs Moving Existing Furniture

You may be considering buying all new furniture at your new home, rather than moving what you already have. The best way to figure out which option works for you is to compare costs of both keeping your existing furniture or buying new furniture at your destination. Ask you move consultant if they would mind doing two quotes for you. One would include moving all the furniture to your new home and the other would include only a few select items that you don’t plan to replace.

Take that cost savings and compare it to an estimation of how much new furniture would cost you. Use this information to help you decide. Perhaps it’s a bit more expensive to buy new furniture, but worth it for you to have brand new items in your new home. Or, maybe moving your items is more expensive but you’d rather keep what you have. Remember, furnishing a new home may take some time so keep that in mind as you make your decision.

How to Decide What Furniture to Sell

What you decide to put up for sale is completely up to you. A lot depends on whether you will need the furniture in your new home. If you are downsizing, chances are you won’t need all your current furniture. However, if you’re moving into a larger home, you may need to keep more than you think. Or, you may decide you’d rather buy new furniture for your home so selling what you currently have makes sense.

Should You Sell Your Furniture or Move It?

There are pros and cons to both – so ultimately, it’s your decision. It often depends on the type of furniture you have. If you have larger, nicer pieces such as a china cabinet or armoire it’ll be more expensive to move, but you may also get a decent amount of resale value.

However, if you have less expensive furniture it may not be worth moving it, since you could buy new furniture with the cost savings from the move.

Which Furniture is Not Worth Moving?

You’d be surprised how household items (including furniture) accumulate over the years, much of which you may not need or use. When moving, it’s always a good idea to purge unused items to declutter.

For example, miscellaneous end tables, nightstands, bookshelves that aren’t necessary may not be worth moving. Especially since these items are easily replaceable and typically inexpensive. This may also be true for other decorative items and small appliances.

Selling Everything – How do You do It?

Sometimes it’s necessary to sell everything when moving. This can be the case when moving overseas for an international assignment, or downsizing. This task, however, can be overwhelming. Be sure to start as early as possible, you’ll want plenty of time to try and sell all the items you have before you move. If your community allows it, hosting a garage sale (or multiple) is a good way to sell a lot of items at one time.

How to Prepare Furniture for Resale

For a better chance to sell your items, it may be beneficial to clean the items, repair any damages, take high-quality photos and provide the potential buyer with dimensions. Furniture is more likely to sell when people feel they are getting a quality item.

Where to Sell Your Furniture

As mentioned previously, a garage sale can be a great way to sell a lot of items at one time. You’ll just have to check and make sure your community allows it, as some homeowner’s association (HOA) restrict these events or require written permission. But not to worry, that isn’t your only option.

Online apps are also a great way to sell your items. Here are a few of our favorites:


This app is totally free to use and does not charge a listing fee or commission. Simply snap a picture and list your item to sell it quickly.

Facebook Marketplace

If you have a Facebook profile, check out your local Facebook Marketplace. You can list items for sale and target potential buyers in your area.


This app is free for both buyers and sellers at the basic level but can be upgraded for premium features. Choose whether you’d like to sell the item locally or ship nationwide.


This app is location focused and let’s you target potential buyers within a 5-mile radius of your chosen location.


This app is convenient, but the items must pass quality control so be sure what you list is in good condition.


This app is like a virtual garage sale, hence the name!

What to do About Furniture that Doesn’t Sell

If you’re getting close to your move date, and you still have items that you haven’t sold, consider moving them anyway or simply donating them. Try dropping off the items at a local Samaritan Inn or Habitat for Humanity. Or, ask local churches, schools or daycares if they are interested in taking what you have. Remember, what you offer should be in good working condition.

Selling your furniture before a move isn’t easy, so try not to get discouraged if you don’t get rid of everything as soon as you list it. Be patient and persistent and give yourself plenty of time. Best of luck!

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