While there is no shortage of reasons why you should move to Texas, The Lone Star State, we have compiled some of the top reasons why you should move to Texas. Spanning nearly 300,000 square miles and home to nearly 28 million residents, Texas has something to offer everyone.

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1. Diverse Weather and Ecosystems

Native Texans often joke that you can experience all four seasons in one day, but it is true. Texas is known for it’s hot and humid summers, but many fail to realize the winters can be equally as cold. The same can be said for the state’s ecoregions. Contrary to popular belief, Texas is not all flat plains and desert. In fact, East Texas is home to approximately 60 million acres of forest. Wetlands and prairies are common in other regions of Texas, and Southwest Texas is home to Big Bend National Park. Whichever ecosystem you prefer, Texas has got you covered!

2. Texas Hill Country

Located at the crossroads of west, central and south Texas, the Hill Country is famous for it’s beautiful landscapes and popular vacation attractions. Comprised of nearly 100 cities, the Texas Hill Country is home to lakes, rivers, vineyards, breweries, boutique shopping, live music, rich history and much more. The Hill Country is a great place for Texans to take a vacation while not having to travel too far, and is becoming a popular retirement destination. Whether you are looking for the relaxing or adventurous, the Texas Hill Country is perfect to call home.

3. Barbeque and Tex-Mex

People in Texas take their barbeque very seriously! Smoked brisket and the sweet smell of barbeque sauce is all too familiar for Texans who spend years perfecting their recipes. When it comes to classic barbeque, Texas takes the cake – or should we say cow! Here is Texas Monthly’s Top 50 Barbeque Joints in Texas. Another favorite cuisine for Texans is the classic blend of southern American fare with traditional Mexican dishes, or Tex-Mex. Chips and queso is a staple appetizer in the Lone Star State with popular main dishes like sizzling fajitas and red sauce enchiladas. This unique taste is a must-have this far South! Texas Monthly also names the Best Tex-Mex in Texas.

4. Football

If there is one thing Texans take more seriously than barbeque, it is football! Between high school, college and NFL football, there is no denying the game is a favorite pastime for Texans. In fact, during the fall season, weekends are often dedicated to football game watching. Varsity high school football plays under the Friday night lights, Saturday is spent watching your alma mater compete for a top conference spot and Sunday is reserved for the iconic NFL Sunday Night Football. With passion for the sport, football brings comradery between fellow fans and Texans alike.

5. Abundance of Jobs and Affordable Cost of Living

Many cities in Texas are home to major corporate headquarters and Fortune 500 companies are opening new locations in metropolitan cities such as Dallas, Houston and Austin. With this economic growth comes thousands of job opportunities for Texans and people wanting to move to Texas. Texas, in comparison to other states like California and New York, has a relatively affordable cost of living. In fact, the median home price in Texas is $177,100, compared to $393,000 in California. Even as urban cities continue to see growth, the surrounding suburban communities remain affordable.

6. Southern Hospitality

You may have heard about traditional southern hospitality, but experiencing it every day is a whole other story. Like most southern states, Texas is a place where residents exude politeness and friendliness – that is why Texas is known as the friendship state. In the Lone Star State, it is not uncommon to be greeted by strangers or smiled at by passersby. One thing is for certain, Texan southern hospitality is contagious!

There you have it! Our top reasons why you should move to Texas; is a great place to live. So if you are considering a move to the south, keep the friendship state in mind.

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