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Moving is stressful, but moving with a baby can make the process more challenging. Between juggling boxes and a crying baby, it’s easy to be feel like moving is an impossible task. Rest assured, you’re not the only one that may feel like this which is why we’ve gathered some useful tips on how to make your family relocation successful.

1.Make a detailed plan

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the thought of moving with a baby, use this 6-week chronological move timeline to help you stay organized. Create small deadlines by thinking about the bigger tasks you must accomplish first, then work your way down to the smaller details. For each deadline, create a to-do list of what tasks need to be accomplished for it all to happen smoothly. Refer back to your plan often to stay on track.

2. Start packing – now!

Packing your home can be incredibly intimidating and it usually takes more time than you think. Begin packing non-essentials such as small décor, books and holiday items. You may only get time to pack while your baby is napping, so be sure and take advantage when you can. A little each day will go a long way in preparing for move day.

3. Stick to a normal routine

It’s important to try and keep your baby’s routine (and yours) as normal as possible to reduce stress. Getting plenty of sleep is crucial, so try to avoid pulling all-nighters to pack or accomplish other tasks on your moving list. Be sure to consider what the days surrounding your move will look like and anticipate needs beforehand. For example, if you need to spend the night at a hotel, call ahead to request a crib.

4. Talk to your pediatrician

Advise your pediatrician’s office of the upcoming move and request a recommendation of a doctor in your new town. Pick up any available prescription refills and request a pharmacy transfer somewhere near your new home. Also, ask for printed and emailed copies of your child’s medical records. Hard copies will give you a backup, in case you need them before you’re settled.

5. Pack a baby box

While you may already carry a diaper bag full of handy items, consider keeping all of your baby essentials from the nursery in one box that you can easily access them throughout the move (Check out some packing tools you can reuse). Add baby-proofing tools, so you can easily set up as soon as you are in the new home. You also may want to keep a pack and play with you, so you can easily set up a place to sleep and play that is portable and out of the way.

Moving with a baby is certainly not easy, but with some detailed planning and preparation, it will go smoothly. Good luck!



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